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Activ8 Mind & Body

Activ8 Mind & Body is a healthy lifestyle brand and fitness studio offering a variety of classes in an intimate setting that focus on high-intensity, low impact training techniques. Their classes focus on strengthening your body through safe and effective muscle stimulation with TRX, Barre, Yoga and the Lagree method. Increasing their clients flexibility and recovery time through their specialty stretching classes, and Cryotherapy.

Naturally, we we’re ecstatic when Johan Petro, owner of Intense Core Studio, engaged us to help them create a new overarching communication strategy, re-brand and website for a new begining in their company. With an aggressive timeline, a sizeable amount of work and ambitious growth goals, we were excited to put our minds together and get started.





Intense Core Studio definitely had some core consumers who carried a deep affection for the brand but how could we help them feel like they were an extension of themselves and the devices that they carried? What do they stand for and why should their clients care of their help?

The answer was simple, we challenge ourselves to create a brand that move away from being pigeonholed as a strictly “lagree fitness studio” and branch out to encompass various services and embrace a higher pricing structure as a result. By positioning the fitness center as epicenter for reaching higher levels of fitness in both body and mind we came up with the name concept “Activ8 Mind & Body” to communicate that and more.

The name plays on the concept word “Activate”, which denotes the studio’s capability to activate the body and the mind during a class session. Whether it is a yoga, meditation, or Lagree class, clients will come to associate the brand with an active lifestyle helping the brand create a new environment with many more attractions for those who wants a healthy life and professional training.


We aimed to address accurate communication of the company name, brand repositioning, and the merger of two unique brand experiences.



Built on the new brand, we were tasked with creating different merchandise designs such as water bottles, performance towels, t-shirts, leggings, and more. Our concept for the exercise employed the ‘8’ from the logo as a cool pattern to play around on each product. In the literal sense, the designs created were meant to attract the consumer into buying the different merchandise that Activ8 offers.



Taking It All

After establishing all the brand direction and guidelines it was time to take “Activ8 Mind & Body” into digital. We focused on the user and set out to create a full modern and simple experience with a combination of images and big brand colors blocks, but does so in a way that provides the inspiration and exploration Activ8 consumer desires.

We also ensured we were staying true to best practices; but pushed standards forward as well by bringing features and functions that provide utility to the user by creating a different inside product layout for consumers to enjoy. Overall, as always, we are pushing the limits.