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Claudia Sampedro

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    Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro is a model and actress from Miami, Florida determined to inspire women who, like her, face the challenges of taking on all that life throws their way and pushing themselves to new limits. Claudia Sampedro stands alone in how she seeks to connect her lifestyle, aspirations and success with an authentic and positive message. This will serve to grow a global audience of loyal fans through providing style alongside substance to empower & inspire all who encounter the brand.


Like all of our projects, our goal from the start was to align ourselves with who Claudia Sampedro is as a brand and to identify opportunities we could leverage to better express their positioning. To do this, we set ourselves up as an extension of their team and conducted research and working sessions to define key considerations.

One of the key insights we identified during our discovery was that Claudia’s Sampedro marketing efforts were primarily focused on creating a unique brand positioning and point of view by keeping a true identity to her DNA that reflected her vision and aesthetic. What we realized however, is that it was importante to help her grow her audience, following and realm of influence on social media and beyond. But also pushing the limits of opportunities for brand ambassadorships, endorsements & products.

The new visual represents a bold, modern elegance fashion and meets athleticism luxury and the unexpected.



Establishing our design direction and visual identity was the first step before getting into the full design of the site.

Claudia Sampedro is more about the personal experiences with a mix of a healthy life. We wanted to take this brand principle and use it as inspiration for our design approach. The new site is designed in a way that allows the personality of the brand to come through. The Claudia Sampedro website is raw, refined, and beautiful and so is the design system of the new site experience. From its minimal elegance to bold typography and images, the design system is solely focused on highlighting the lifestyle of the personal brand and how it aligns with those that wear sport clothing and wants a healthy life.

Interactions and animations bring the site to life in a way that is delightful and easy to use, similar to how the products are designed as well as beautiful.

We approached the development of this project not with mobile or desktop first, but with both in mind. OCULUS worked tirelessly to ensure the beautiful unique layout that makes the site so attractive on desktop is not lost when the user goes to smaller screens. But also helping the model Claudia Sampedro by keeping the new site to honor her commitment to her followers, with easy-to-navigate-actions, and palatable verbiage.



Each Claudia Sampedro page is unique to provide personality and utility for various occasions. Because of the differences from page to page, we realized that each design page would need to tell a unique story and would require a different layout. With this in mind, we designed the each pages in a non-traditional manner. We took inspiration from fashion magazines and editorial layouts to craft a system for creating all the pages that tells each one’s unique story by bringing content, craft, culture, and commerce together.