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OnDecker Honest Media

OnDecker is more than a media source, it is a movement to bring the truth back to success. While our target generation is focused primarily on platforms that highlight the moments in one day, we aim to show the truth behind the grind and the hustle. OnDecker will lift the veil on perceived success in popular culture, and instead show the truth of what it takes to have those moments in the day. We are not pressured to release articles based on certain situations or events, but are more concerned with the consistent means by which success is achieved, retained, and applied.

Through a very collaborative effort, we helped the OnDecker re-brand, design and launch its app platform with an emphasis on media and a hybrid blend of user experience and visual design.




As part of their overarching brand and digital strategy, OnDecker is an app which aim to help their subscribers rethink the definition of success through raw and truthful content. These days, admiration is frequently misplaced because of the filter that media places on prominent figures such as celebrities and athletes. Through the interviews, print articles, and visuals that OnDecker wants to provide, readers will come to understand that hustling comes from within, and success is about making the most out of the tools that consumers are given in life.

This is where we came into play, our challenge was to help them think and design the visual language and user interface of the OnDecker App that would be used as a standard across all devices and operating systems.

Relevance is key to effective learning. Bridging the gap between education and social media has been the most effective way to bring attention back to hard work and success.



Once we established the relationship we immediately began immersing ourselves in the vision the client had for OnDecker app. They provided us with various strategic documents, early wireframes as well as asked us to design standards for us to evolve the brand as we approached our redesign of the visual language.

Because we were working in a tight deadline we tried to work closely to the OnDecker team and giving all of our strategies on how to go beyond of their vision with the usability and the visual layout for the users.

Our early concepts from a UI design perspective were focused on expressing the brand in a clean and more simplistic manner. We focused on the dashboard, login-screen and activity screens to ensure our approaches were flexible enough to accommodate varying content types.



The OnDecker app marries informative content with finesse and simplicity. The user interface is sleek and light, allowing the user to navigate quickly and comfortably through their favorite articles, categories, and subjects. The login feature allows users to create personal profiles, which in turn allows them to add articles to their collection of “favorites”, change their profile picture, and leave comments. Fostering constructive conversation around positive subjects by positive influences is what the OnDecker app is all about.

Oculus as part of their team refined their brand, create a clean modern style guide and brand book, and designed an interactive app and website that we’re extremely proud of.




With the app structure and design we had to execute the same functionality to the website in a cohesive but user friendly , we focused our efforts on bringing an empathetic design language and content strategy. As we began to design the website, we had to understand that the site would function as a utility portal to encourage potential users to connect with the app. With this in mind, we knew we needed to re-engineer the education process and make information easier and more appealing to the users.

We also knew we needed to create a digital environment that was comfortable and considerate of our core millennial audience -something that eased the news reading and attracts the user to keep using through the days. The overall design aesthetic focused on creating an open, light, and inviting environment with the use of positive imagery, interesting articles and social interaction for our millennial audience.


The new visual is evocative, real, and clear, and the voice captures OnDecker devotion to the success of its millennials, students, collaborative spirit, and integrity.