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    David Getz

SnapSocks is a brand that prides itself on delivering the highest quality of socks fabrics and designs the industry can offer. Bridging the gap between business and casual, SnapSocks has something for those who have everything. Using a unique patented snap on each sock, you never have to worry about losing a single sock from a pair in the laundry again. SnapSocks embodies the next generation of casual and formal footwear for the artful connoisseur.


Leverage the style power and make the switch from the solid white socks to a pair of two unique designed socks at your next event.



SnapSocks approached us with the vision they had already in mind and challenging us of articulating the culture and vision of a stylish, creative and meaningful brand that exceed the expectations of the company.

Our key objective was to develop a flexible brand platform that could evolve over the years while still remaining culturally relevant. The idea had to be broad enough to encompass the diverse set of experiences with the ability to attract a youthful demographic and creative professionals obsessed with the idea of solving the issue of socks disappearing while washing them.

We explored typefaces, iconography design and dozens of brand logos that could visually speak to what we were looking to establish.

With a high-level strategy, we were able to build a brand for an everyday essential with colorful design with a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftmanship and creativity. We used this thinking to help develop a design strategy for a visual system that embodied this essense.

Our task was to wrap this brand strategy with a simple yet sophisticated brand identity. Our team explored the key brand cues that would established differentiation from other brands. As we moved along we explored various touch-points to define design language keeping in mind the clients vision. These touch-points would establish an art direction for the SnapSocks team to take and utilize as they were preparing to laungh their product.